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'Esodi', an online map of migration routes

'ESODI'. Migratory Routes from Sub-Saharan Countries to Europe' is an interactive online map illustrating migration routes from Africa to Europe based on witness reports directly provided by migrants to the NGO Doctors for Human Rights Italy (MEDU)

ESODI/EXODUS is an interactive website with graphics, statistics, videos, data and an interactive map on migration routes based on reports provided directly by migrants who have traveled from Africa to Italy from 2014 until 2017. The project was promoted by the organization Doctors for Human Rights (Medici peri diritti umani, MEDU), which has been operating in Italy and abroad for years to provide medical and psychological support to those fleeing their home countries to reach Europe.

A map based on dramatic reports

The map, made with the support of the European Union, the Open Society Foundation and Oxfam, is based on reports provided by ''2,600 people that MEDU met over the last four years'', including ''1,600 in 2017 alone'', explained Alberto Barbieri, a member of the organization, during a meeting in Rome. The interactive map includes videos, graphics and data ''although direct reports are the main, characterizing element of the map''.

The purpose of the project is to make people understand what migrants have gone through, Barbieri said. Five key routes are part of the map, including the main route that from the Horn of Africa goes through Sudan and Libya reaching Italy via the Strait of Sicily.The map enables to get a closer look at different geographical areas, including specific descriptions of the general context, witness reports and a summary of the situation of migration in a specific zone, like the agreement signed by Italy and Libya or the situation of detention centers.

As of this year, a news section is included with regular updates, along with data on the number of arrivals and victims. ''We believe that witness reports are a precious component to make the public opinion understand what really happens on these routes'', stressed Barbieri. ''Only gas chambers are missing'' in Libyan detention centers ''compared to Nazi lagers'', he noted.

Moussa denounces human trafficking in Libya

Moussa, a 21-year-old migrant from the Ivory Coast, has been in Italy for one year and a half and today works as a cultural mediator for MEDU at a hotspot in Pozzallo, Sicily. ''When I arrived in Italy in March 2016 I was very ill, I could neither walk nor sleep well'', he said during the presentation of the project.

MEDU volunteers treated him and gave him the possibility of working for the organization, Moussa said. As a cultural mediator, ''listening to the reports is difficult for me but there is a war in Libya and my African brothers are in the middle of it'', he said. The country is ''a market where Africans are sold and bought'', Moussa noted. ''Until when will this tragedy continue, how many will be tortured, raped, killed? Let's tell those who have the power to do something to get my African brothers out of the Libyan hell''.


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